Time to make a Choice for what we really WANT

Studies show that we only use about 5-10% of our brain consciously. So, at the very least, we make conscious decisions with only about 5% of our “central control station” or “super computer”. The other 95% is not dormant or ‘turned off’. It is doing so much. This 95% ‘unconscious’, or ‘sub-conscious’, or ‘higher consciousness’ (however you choose to view it) is what keeps our miraculous lives in existence. And this 95% is animated by the same source in every human being no matter what our superficial differences may look like. So, the same force that causes your heart to beat, your body to digest food, your cells to divide, and your lungs to breath is the same force that causes my heart to beat, my body to digest food, my cells to divide, and my lungs to breath. I call the 5% of us that is individual and separated: ego. I call the 95% of us that is of the same source: spirit. Which one is in the driver’s seat? Ego (fear and separation)? Or spirit (love and divine unity)? Current events are NOT bad. The are PERFECT for giving us the chance to decide what we truly want to be. Surely we can focus on the 95% that is the same divine energy in every single human being. We are 95% the same and only 5% separate. It’s time to let go of the human viewpoints that separate us. Get out of our heads and open our hearts. Less fear. More love. Sending unconditional love to you all!