Reiki Sessions

A reiki session is about one hour long and takes place while you are fully clothed.  While you lay down on a massage table, the practitioner will use several hand placements with hands lightly touching you, or just above you while balancing your energy.

The most common thing that clients notice is a deep relaxation as soon as their session starts.  Some people feel warmth from the practitioner’s hands, others do not.

At Positive Balance we include sound therapy and aromatherapy at no extra cost to enhance the session and the relaxation which aids your body in its natural process of protecting you.

The body will continue to do substantial work for a few days afterward, so it is very important to drink lots of water during this process to assist the detoxification process.

Many people experience powerful emotionally healing releases during a session, leaving them even more relaxed.  This is a normal part of truly caring holistically for yourself.  We are aware that emotional stress manifests in physical ailments, so releasing that is an integral part of feeling better.

Animals benefit in the same way.  They are very intuitive and visibly enjoy the sessions.  To keep the therapy area safe for people with allergies, appointments for animals must be scheduled in your home.

Sessions are for one hour or up to 90 minutes.    The price is $60 per hour.  Most people have wonderful results after each session, but I recommend three sessions, at least a week apart, to reach a more stable level of balance.  It is so gratifying to see things that have been years in the making melt away as quickly as we are able to let go of the patterns that caused them.

To schedule an appointment, please send an email to:     or call 765-418-2476